June 6th 2012

In attendance; L.B.Baker, Nelson D.Bulmash, Andy Williamson, Keven Eubanks,  Jacob Deline,Mark  Vickers,Svetlane Baker, Amy Houston, Tracie Gibbs, James Houston and Mike Kidd

Old business N/A

Open for discussion by Mark Vickers chin covers for deadlift in APC seconded by Andy Williamson. Discussion was made that a rule was passed for the GPA RAW to require the lifter during the deadlift to ware a protective covering on the chin. Motion made by James Houston to to take a vote to require APC lifters in the deadlift to follow rules, as they read ,regarding protective coverings on chin voted into effect in the GPA seconded by Nelson D.Bulmash. Vote taken with 7 yes and 2 no. Rule passed.

Open for discussion by L.B.Baker new divisions for APC seconded by Nelson Discussion was made that the Push/Pull (bench and deadlift total) and Deadlift Only be added to APC contest. That records be kept for State and National levels only and this would be discussed at the GPA's AGM in Dec.2012 to determine if these new divisions will be accepted at a world level and if passed world records will be kept. Motion made by Nelson D. Bulmash to allow Push/Pull and Deadlift Only in the APC with a formula to be determined for raw lifters seconded by Keven Eubanks. Vote taken unanimous.

Open for discussion by L.B.Baker open back shirts to be allowed in the APC seconded by Jacob Deline. Discussion that this could bring in more lifters in the equipped divisions. The need for guidelines and liability APC discussed. Motion to table till a later time made by L.B.Baker seconded by Jacob Deline.

Up for discussion by L.B.Baker email from Martin Heindl. Points were APC would no longer be a part of the WUAP and Stephen Pankhurst would establish an organization to support the WUAP in the U.S. With that L.B.Baker brought up for discussion a new World Federation for equipped lifters. The federation would be called the International Powerlifting Organization or I.P.O. Motion made to vote for new federation I.P.O.made by Nelson D. Bulmash seconded by Jacob Deline. Unamious.

Motion to reopen discussion of open back bench shirts by L.B.Baker seconded by Jacob Deline. Discussion included talk that a committee to determine guidelines for the open back bench shirt would be formed by L.B.Baker at a later date to set guidelines to control the limitations of the open back shirt. Motion to vote to allow open back bench shirts for equipped division of the APC and IPO made by L.B.Baker seconded by Jacob DeCline.7 yes 1 no. Passed.

Motion made by Nelson D. Bulmash to discuss length of time between state and national meets seconded by Mike Kidd. It was discussed that the amount of time between state and national meets was to short and the lifters could not recover and complete another training cycle. It was discussed that a 12 week time frame to separate state and national would be acceptable. Motion made by L.B. Baker to vote that 12 weeks be taken between state and national meets seconded by Nelson d. Bulmash. Unanimous.

Motion made by Mark Vickers to discuss coach giving commands to the lifter in the squat seconded by Andy Williamson .Discussed was the rule in the APC that states; The lifter must recover at will, without double bouncing, to an upright position with the knees locked. The bar may stop, but there must be no downward motion during recovery. As soon as the lifter demonstrated a controlled final position, the head referee will give the signal indicating completion of the lift and to replace the bar. The part of the rule being discussed is the first part that says  The lifter must recover at will. The discussion concerns the lifters coach or trainer giving an audible command when the lifter has reached a below parallel position. Comments made were that when the coach or trainer gives this command the lifter does not recover at will. Motion made by L.B. Baker to vote to remove the part of rule that states  The lifter must recover at will seconded by Andy Williamson .4 yes 2 no. Passed

Motion made by Mark Vickers to discuss rules passed for GPA to apply for APC. Tabled by L.B. Baker

Motion made by Mark Vickers to vote for new rule for APC. Rule to apply to the bench press concerning the lifter. Rule to allow the spotter or lifters personal assistant giving the hand out be allowed to make adjustments to the lifters belt, as not to change the posture of the lifter, from the head of the bench. Seconded by L.B. Baker. Unanimous.

Motion to adjourn made by L.B. Baker at 9:22 pm 6-2-2012