June 23, 2007
, GA

  In attendance:

LB Baker, Bob Packer. Stephen Parkhurst, Jodi Parkhurst, Rocky Tillson, Curtis Leslie, Tom Bowman, Kim Packer, Evangeline Keresey, Charles Bailey and Ken Milraney.

Bob Packer asked attendees if there were any requests to discuss the bench shirt and bench pressing rules….no one in attendance wished to discuss either.

  Rocky Tillson  brought up the issue of  the responsibilities of the state chairman and the issue of meet sanctioning. No definitive conclusion of the duties of the state chairman were voted on, but it was further discussed that the primary duty was to promote a State Championship and promote contests within his or her state. This point has been discussed in past AGM and among the Board.

  LB Baker brought notice to the attendees that several meets have not been properly sanctioned and several meet promoters still have not paid their fees.

  The method of funding athletes was discussed and no change was made from last year.

  Discussion of the possibility of the APC becoming a Not-For-Profit organization. It was decided that the APC would apply for such status.

  A Special Olympian division was discussed and decided that the APC will have a Special Olympians Division.  Curtis Leslie was appointed Chairman of the Special Olympians Division.

  The APC Nationals for 2008 was awarded to Mark Swank and will be held in Las Vegas , Nv . at a date to be announced.

  Elections for office were held.

L B Baker reelected President
Bob Packer elected Vice President
Stephen Parkhurst elected Technical Officer
Tom Bowman elected Treasurer Jodi Parkhurst elected Secretary

The meeting was adjourned at 10:05.