American Powerlifting Committee



The American Powerlifting Committee, Inc. (APC) was incorporated in the State of Georgia May 15, 2003. 

The APC held the first APC National Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships June 21, 2003. Since that time we have been working hard with our members to organize a powerlifting federation that represents the best interests of the lifters who are the members.

The goals of the APC are to promote the sport of powerlifting with dignity and fairness to all and bring credibility to the powerlifting world.

Each state within the United States will have one state chairman. The state chairmanís duty is to promote or find a promoter who will promote a state meet each year for the purpose of qualifying lifters in his state to go to the APC National Championships. The state chairman may do additional meets that will also be qualifiers.

The United States is divided up into seven regions according to size and population. Each region is to have a region chairman whose duty is to promote or find a promoter to do a region meet in his region each year and assist the state chairmen in his region.

The qualified lifters from each state each year are invited to compete in the APC National Championships. The APC Team representing the United States in the World Championships is selected from the winners of the APC National Championships.

The desirable times for the contests are for the state meets to be in March or April and the National Championships in June or July, and the Region meets in August or September. The World Championships are in October or November each year.

The APC membership cards are $30.00 for adult and $15.00 for teenagers. From the membership fees $5.00 goes to the state chairman to help offset his expenses, $5.00 goes to the APC for expenses, and $20.00 goes to the Athletesí Fund. From the teenage fee $5.00 goes to the Athletesí Fund. A current list of Athletes and Athletesí Fund balance is maintained on the APC web page. Each calendar year the Athletes Fund will be used to offset the travel expenses of the United Sates Team to the World Powerlifting Championships.

The APC has designed a Lifter Classification Chart: ELITE, MASTER, CLASS I, CLASS II, CLASS III, and CLASS IV. The APC Store will offer for sale Classification Patches, Classification Certificates, T Shirts and APC Patches. The proceeds from each sale will be deposited in the Athletesí Fund.

Each Judge has to be certified and a National APC. To be a National judge a lifter has to be a member of the APC in good standing for one year and pass a written test and be observed on each of the 3 lifts in a sanctioned contest.

Contest promoters have to apply to the APC for contest sanctions in order to promote a sanctioned contest. A fee of $30.00 is paid to the APC for the sanction. The proceeds form the sale of the sanction is deposited in the Athletesí Fund.

There are no salaries paid to any one in the APC. All work performed by the board of directors and officers are considered pro bono. An APC contest promoter is considered to be an entrepreneur assuming the financial risk as well as the financial reward.