Athlete's Fund

World Team Selection

The goal of the APC is to select a team for the World Powerlifting Championships each year. To reach that goal we must start at the state level. Each year the state will have a State Championship to select a team for the National Championships. To be eligible to participate in the National Championships a lifter must have a total in a State or Regional APC sanctioned Championship Meet.  At the National Championships the team representing the United States for funding will be selected from the winners. Two lifters from each weight class and age group will be selected, a winner and an alternate. One athlete per weight class will be eligible for funding.  To be eligible for the World Team funding the lifter must compete and win the APC National Championships. If the first place National winner does not go to the Worlds his share will be distributed to the winners who are going.

The APC will post an income statement 30 days prior to the Worlds each year. The income of the APC comes primarily from membership sales, APC shirt sales, and APC patches.  Expenses such as mail outs, weights, and contest expenses for various contests will be provided by the contest promoters. The promoters will keep the profits earned from the contests. Each state chairman will keep $5.00 from each membership card sale in his state to offset his expense. $5.00 from each card sale will go toward administration expenses and the balance of $20.00, $5.00 if a teenager card, will be deposited in the Athlete's Fund. There will be no compensation paid to directors or officers of the APC. 

At the APC National Championships each year the APC World Team will be selected from the winners who want to go to the World Championships.

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