AGM July 8, 2006, Sacramento, Ca.

The meeting was opened at 7:00 PM by President, L B Baker.

Minutes of last years meeting were read by Stephen Parkhurst. Some items that were voted in at the 2005 AGM were discussed:

  1. Medals were discussed: At the AGM a vote was taken to have medals at all National meets of gold at least 7 centimeters in diameter and of good quality. The meet promoter at this years meet had trophies that did not meet the specifications. The California chairman said that he thought there was a choice.
  2. Sanction fees were discussed: Some meet promoters are delinquent in paying their sanction fees.

After the minutes were read a discussion followed about medals and a vote was taken.

  1. All National meets will have gold medals of good quality and at least 7 centimeters in diameter. There will be trophies or plaques only for team trophies or best lifter trophies. The vote was unanimous.
  2. A vote was take to wear head gear such as a skull cap. A split vote of 8 to 4 voted yes to allow skull caps but no caps with bills such as a baseball cap.
  3. Two bids were read for the 2007 APC National Championships, one from Mark Swank of Las Vegas, Nv. and one form Tom Bowman and Curtis Leslie of Atlanta, Ga. The vote was unanimous for Tom Bowman and Curtis Leslie of Atlanta, Ga.
  4. A motion was made by Tim Daley to allow gloves while deadlifting but did not get a second.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM by President L B Baker