Athens, GA

July 9, 2005




  1. Meeting called to order by Pres. L.B. Baker at 6:35 p.m. with 15 members present.
  2. There was no business from last year’s meeting
  3. President L.B. Baker introduced the following issues for this year’s meeting.
    1. The Athletes' Fund
    2. Sanctioning of regional & state meets.
    3. Classification Patches
    4. Standardization of Medals.
    5. Election of Officers.
  4. Athletes' Fund:
    1. Everyone has to qualify for the Nationals at a Regional  or State Meet.
    2. Discussion: 1st Place winner from each division and weight class to receive funding to the World’s competition. 2nd Place winner can be an alternate if he/she had competed at that year’s Nationals.
      1. Motion by Bob Packer, 2nd by John Ford, "Approve the funding for this year’s World’s." Approved.
      2. Motion by Bob Packer, 2nd by Jim Rouse, "Funds to be applied only to the 1st place winners who attended/competed in this year’s Nationals at this time." Approved.
  5. Meet Sanctioning:
    1. Discussion: When to start sanctioning of regional and national meets and the fees associated with each type of sanction.
      1. Motion by Bob Packer, seconded by Brian Meek, "Start charging sanction fees Jan. 1, 2006. Regional fees (state level & below - $40.00. National fee - $100.00." Approved.  Proceeds to go to the Athletes' Fund.
  6. Classification Patches
    1. L.B. Baker introduced the design and layout of classification (Elite, Master, Class 1-4 and the national APC patch.
      1. Motion by L.B. Backer, second John Ford, "The Elite patch shall be free, the Master and Class 1-4 - $5.00, and the Official APC patch - $10.00." Approved.   Proceeds to go to the Athletes' Fund
  7. Standardization of Medals:
    1. Discussion was led by L.B. Baker on adopting a minimum standard for medals used throughout the organization to be used at national meets.
      1. Motion by L.B. Baker, second by Bob Packer, "Medals shall be circular with a diameter of 3" or greater and gold plated." Approved.
  8. Election of Officers:
    1. President/CEO – L.B. Baker
    2. Technical Chairman – Bob Packer
    3. Vice-President – Jim Rouse
    4. New Board of Director – Tom Bowman
  9. Discussion was led by Jim Rouse concerning holding UAPC meets in conjunction with APC meets. It was pretty much to be left up to each promoter if he or she wants to do a UAPC/APC meet.
  10. Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by Pres. L.B. Baker at 7:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Tim Daley

Acting Secretary

Members Present: